Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is grass hay and has a high roughage content necessary for good digestion. The fine stem and consistent quality allows good consumption and provides basic protein levels of 7 – 10%

Timothy Hay/Alfafa Mix

Alfalfa Hay is a legume superior in protein to other forage crops because it is high in crude protein and energy reducing the need for other protein supplements. In combination Timothy and Alfalfa make a popular performance horse feed giving the perfect amount of balanced fiber and protein so that the digestive tract will function normally. Generally our ratio of Timothy to Alfalfa is 70-30% with protein levels of

Orchard Grass

Orchard Grass is known for it’s soft texture, pallatability, sweet smell and source of fiber. “As a source of fiber, well-made orchardgrass hay has a place in the diets of all types of horses. When it’s clean and sweet-smelling, its palatability is wonderful, and few horses refuse it,” said Kathleen Crandell PH.D., nutitionist for the Kentucy Equine Research (KER).

Lola Hay does not use any chemicals or hay preservatives on any products. All our small square bales are stored in sheds and placed on plastic, resulting in no spoiled bales. Lola Hay Sales guarantees all small square hay bales against mold.

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